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The History of Essay Topics for Jazz by Toni Morrison Refuted

The History of Essay Topics for Jazz by Toni Morrison Refuted In the second region of the term paper I will find out in which ways the subject of trauma is symbolised in Beloved. These topics offer a chance for you to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate what you've read. Thinking extremely on the topic of this type of checking in the distinct ethnic chart about all of the shift professionals in this one. However, it's very much worth the effort. We sent you as you want some type of job, Romen. In case you have some power, then your task is to empower somebody else. In a feeling, like jazz music, the creative act of production grows more important than the simple fact that the work is going to be received by means of an audience. You should have your reasons, and our principal concern is that you find yourself getting an excellent grade. You're shelling out exclusively some kind of sensible constant speed to find a work. Within this novel I saw exact exact same issue. Love, cheating, guilt, and hate are a few themes depicting a society that's still attempting to discover an identity. A little bit of foreshadowing is included within this paragraph. This can be figured out by first examining the connection between the audio scene that Sonny was involved in and the drugs which he fell victim. The effect of jazz dance on American society was felt on nearly every dimension including political, economic, and societal realms. Jazz then, is a kind of violence. Jazz dance may not appear to have a political or even an economic dimension, but nonetheless, it certainly does. It is not monolithic, and it is important to recognize the differences between types of dancing such as tap and swing in order to understand the contexts in which the dances were or are used. Choosing Essay Topics for Jazz by Toni Morrison Is Simple Unfortunately, he's misled into suffering and killing instead of the freedom he sought. The attainment of private freedom however isn't a really straightforward affair. The attainment of private freedom we find it is not an easy affair and one must work hard for it. And additionally the relationship with men. The very first region of the term paper is going to be concerned with an overall summary of the matter of trauma. It isn't a requisite that the ent ire set of facts ought to be accurately depicted such as writing histories, it's already enough that the facts are presented accurately to serve the intention of a historical backdrop for the growth of a work of art like fiction. As the book unwinds, there's a terrible comprehension of human nature revealed. You will also learn certain methods for outlining and how not to compose a novel. Morrison had numerous beautiful thoughts on the issue but one passage particularly stands out. These thesis statements supply a brief overview of Jazz regarding distinct elements that could be important in an essay. The passage is just one of several examples of the stunning language in the book. This passage plays very essential function in the book. Jazz dance is an essential part of American history. Students lead busy lives and frequently forget about an approaching deadline. The Basic Facts of Essay Topics for Jazz by Toni Morrison GlamourShe is the ideal writer in the us. Violet's very first introduction to Joe is when he falls from a tree which she's sitting under. You do not deserve love irrespective of the suffering you've endured. Naturally, since the title suggest, the novel also addresses the love.

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The Way Shylock is Presented in William Shakespeares The...

The Way Shylock is Presented in William Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice is about the conflict between a Jew and a Christian. This is not between one Jew and one Christian but between Shylock, who stands as a representative of the Jewish tribe, and between groups of Christians who greatly outnumber the Jew. The conflict between Jews and Christians is a historical one. The Christians hated the Jews because they made money from usury; this was completely against the Christian beliefs of that time. However, this hate was not one-sided as the Jews also hated the Christians because the Christians treated them very badly; the Jews were alien to the Venetian society and thus†¦show more content†¦However, he prejudices her thinking by making reference to the religion of the Christians as he refers to Christians as fools. He obviously cares about her but doesnt show it openly. We can also see that Shylock is going to dine with the Christians which is against his religion. This also shows that maybe Shylock is being hypocritical i n his religion to gain revenge on Antonio. From this we can see that Shylocks true hate to Antonio and thus he is prepared to sacrifice his religion to kill Antonio or bring harm to him. This gives the impression that although Shylock is very extreme in his religion, he has been oppressed so harshly by the Christians that he cannot tolerate it any longer. Thus he is now prepared to go against his religion in order to bring harm to Antonio. The conflict between Jews and Christians is made intense when Shylock finds out that his daughter has ran away with a Christian. Jessica has taken some of Shylocks money and precious jewels. Shylock says that his daughter is damned for this. Shylock is so hurt at his own flesh and blood rebelling against him like this. Perhaps he is infuriated more so because his daughter has gone against is views and religion to assimilate with the enemy. Shylock is also angry about AntoniosShow MoreRelatedRacism And Prejudice By William Shakespeare s The Merchant Of Venice Essay1699 Words   |  7 Pagestheir religion and what they believe in, however there is racism and prejudice present in the world. William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice is one of his most controversial plays. Written in the 16th century England, the play poses many questions concerning racial, religious and human differences due to anti-semitism being very common at the time. The story is set in Venice where a merchant named Antonio lived. His poor friend Bassanio wants to charm and marry a lovely, rich girl of BelmontRead MoreThe Homosexual Relationship Between Antonio and Bassanio in William Shakespeare’s the Merchant of Venice1673 Words   |  7 PagesThe Homosexual Relationship Between Antonio and Bassanio in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Tsun-Hsien Tsai Sophomore Student, Department of English National Changhua University of Education There are many pairs of male adults with honorable masculine friendships appearing in William Shakespeare’s popular plays, such as Antonio and Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice, Antonio and Sebastian in Twelfth Night, the two kings Leonates and Polixenes in The Winter’s Tale, and so on. No matterRead MoreThe Rings of Power: Symbolic Exchange in the Merchant of Venice1595 Words   |  7 PagesThe Rings of Power: Symbolic Exchange in The Merchant of Venice Rings are significant to the narrative of The Merchant of Venice for several reasons. Firstly, as symbols of love, wealth and power. Secondly, as a means through which Portia gives and then regains control of herself, her weath and power and finally, the theft and sale of Leahs turquoise ring acts as a source of sympathy towards Shylock and allows him to parallel the Christian husbands, Bassanio and Graziano. A ring is, in andRead MoreThe Role of Prejudice in the Merchant of Venice2395 Words   |  10 PagesRole of Prejudice In The Merchant of Venice This paper discusses the subject of prejudice in the William Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice. I. Introduction William Shakespeares satirical comedy, The Merchant of Venice, believed to have been written in 1596 was an examination of hatred and greed.The premise deals with the antagonistic relationship between Shylock, a Jewish money-lender and Antonio, the Christian merchant, who is as generous as Shylock is greedy, particularlyRead MoreThe Portrayal of Portia in William Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice616 Words   |  3 PagesThe Portrayal of Portia in William Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice In the merchant of Venice, Shakespeare portrays Portia to be a person of mixed characters, her attitude and mood seems to change with every scene. However, she is always seen by us as being pleasant and polite. Shakespeare portrays Portia’s character through other characters as well as directly, Nerissa is used almost as a comparison to which we can judge Portia, and by observing other character’s referencesRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Merchant Of Venice2269 Words   |  10 PagesSamantha Hansen ENG 314 Brother Brugger 12.15.14 The Question of Shylock It is hard to read The Merchant of Venice without finding at least one character to sympathize with. The unforgettable villain Shylock as well as Portia, Shakespeare’s first and one of his most famous heroines are arguably some of this plays most beloved characters. But, is Shylock really the villain? Or is he a victim of circumstance? Shylock’s insistence for a pound of flesh has made him one of literatures most memorableRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Merchant Of Venice Essay1624 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Shakespeare s comedy The Merchant of Venice uses contrasting religions to draw out major themes through the ethnic divides that are exemplified. The play expresses the extreme cultural divide between the Jews and Christians through a legal contract between two men. The rivalry between the two men, Shylock and Antonio is clear from the beginning of the play and only intensifies as it continues on. Modern day readers most likely take away a slightly different m essage from the play than whatRead MoreCritique Of The Constancy Upon Women At The Time in William Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice875 Words   |  4 PagesCritique Of The Constancy Upon Women At The Time in William Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice In the merchant of Venice Shakespeare has presented three main women characters. These three characters are, Portia, Jessica and Nerissa. Each of these characters come with a different area of society. Women in the time this was set, were not aloud to do anything. They were treated badly, and couldnt chose there own decisions. Shakespeare has made this play to show people inRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Merchant Of Venice1970 Words   |  8 Pages It is a recurrence with Shakespeare’s plays that the titles are reflective of the protagonists featured within. For example, the famous titles of Julius Caesar and Hamlet tell the tragedies of those respective characters. However, when it comes to William Shakespeare’s fourteenth play, The Merchant of Venice, it can be argued that Antonio, the merchant, is not who the play is about. In fact, there is not just one character, but instead multiple that fit the description of the protagonist. TheRead MoreThe Merchant of Venice- Critical Evaluation2293 Words   |  10 Pagesplay â€Å"The Merchant of Venice†? William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice contains many themes and elements that could be considered timeless. Shakespeare effectively explores the themes of love and hate through character in the play which is a play of two parts. One part follows the fortunes of Bassanio, a friend of the Merchant, Antonio, in his attempts to win the hand of Portia, the rich and beautiful heiress of Belmont. The second part deals with the bond Antonio makes with Shylock, the wealthy

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The Theories Of Child Development - 2240 Words

This assignment will discuss the main theories of child development and discuss the main principles across all area of development. The assignment will also evaluate an observation conducted on a child and link their behaviour to relevant child development theories. The assignment will firstly highlight some child development theories from behaviourists such as Bandura, humanists such as Maslow and constructivists such as Piaget. Secondly the child’s observation will be discussed and evaluated here relevant link to development theories will be made. Lastly the assignment will finish off with a reflection. Jennie Lindon defines development as† the sequence of physical and psychological changes experienced by human beings, which start with conception and continue throughout life.†(Jennie Lindon 2012:5) the early year’s foundation stage (EYTS) framework states that there are seven areas of learning and development however they view some are more important thes e are called the prime areas of development. There are three prime areas of development these are: communication and language, physical development, personal social and emotional development. The EYFS also states that â€Å"children develop in different ways at different times† (Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage 2014) which is why the development matters promote the message that every child is unique and has their own way of learning. (Development matters in the Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2012)Show MoreRelatedChild Development Theories1324 Words   |  6 PagesChild Developmental Theories Ashford University PSY 104 Child and Adolescent Psychology June 29, 2009 Child Developmental Theories While theorists have different ideas and perspectives, insight on child and adolescent development can assist teachers and parents in helping children reach their full developmental and learning potential. Having knowledge about the developmentRead MoreThe Theories Of Child Development1084 Words   |  5 Pagesimportant values and beliefs within their culture. All of this provides the foundations for cognitive development. As trainee teachers, it is fundamental that we have a deeper understanding of how children learn and how we can support learning. In order to do this we must first look at some of the theories of learning. Theories Prior to the early 20th century little interest was paid to how a child developed; indeed most early research appears to be based on abnormal childhood behaviour (Oates etRead MoreChild Development Theories1560 Words   |  7 PagesChild Development: An Examination of Three Theories There are a lot of theories regarding child development. Three of these theories are Bioecological Theory, Social-Cognitive Theory and Information-Processing Theory. This paper will discuss these theories by comparing and contrasting them. The first theory is the Bioecological Theory developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner. This theory is based on the nature vs. nurture idea. Bronfenbrenner believed development of a child was determinedRead MoreThe Theory Of Child Development858 Words   |  4 PagesSocial scientists have given us several theories on child development. There have been three influential theories that have really shaped how we look at the subject. Each one of these theories offers an insightful perspective that has been very influential in how we view child development. The first theory, we will delve into is George Herbert Meads Theory of the Social Self which focused on social interaction with developing human beings. Meads believed that, â€Å"a symbolic interactionist, saw theRead MoreThe Theory Of Child Development1053 Words   |  5 PagesArt educators that consider theories of child development when creating lesson plans, are more effective. As art educators, we understand that it is our respon sibility to educate ourselves on the latest research of art development in order to better serve our educational institutions through providing a quality art education for the future generations of innovators in America. Piaget’s stages of cognitive development stages thoroughly explain the biological transition that occurs in elementary schoolRead MoreThe Theory Of Child Development803 Words   |  4 PagesIn the early 19th Century, little attention was given to children development. Emphasis were based upon what a child would become as they get older( Green 2013)However, it was investigated by human developmental psychologist that Child development is relevant in relation to how individuals relate in the environment as well as the factors that influence human development. These psychologists developed the human developmental life span which is predominant in the society today, although remains unsubstantiatedRead MoreThe Theories Of Child Development1209 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction to development psychology From the beginning of the history, child development was not given an importance but now majority of people have understood its importance. Attachment theory is one of the major theories of child development. According to Bowlby, attachment is characterized by specific behaviours in children, such as seeking proximity with the attachment figure when upset or threatened. There were number of issues that have been debated throughout the history of developmentalRead MoreThe Theory Of Child Development2414 Words   |  10 Pagesa sound understanding of theories of child development so they can offer activities that are appropriate for the child’s particular stage of development (Early Education, 2012). This essay will compare and contrast key features of developmental theories by applying them to a particular aspect of child development, the aspect that will be investigated is language acquisition. This essay will consider differing theories of language development such as the be haviourist theory proposed by Skinner (1957)Read MoreThe Theory Of Child Development935 Words   |  4 Pages Lawrence Kohlberg was a developmental theorist who is best known for his specific and detailed theory of child development. Kohlberg believed that there were six stages of child development. He divided those stages into three levels of development. Level one; pre-conventional morality, a child doesn’t have a personal code of mortality and instead, their moral code is shaped by the standards of adults and the consequences of following or breaking of adult rules. Level two; conventional moralityRead MoreThe Theory of Child Development1636 Words   |  7 Pages The theory of child development, Temperament, is what this case study is based off of. Temperament is a person’s style of reacting to the world and relating to others. I will be judging â€Å"Alice† on the nine temperament traits on a ten point scale. Alice is my 2 year old cousin who knows me well because I frequently babysit her. I recently observed her personality on the nine traits. These traits include; intensity, persistence, sensitivity, perceptiveness, adaptability, regularity, energy, first

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Immortal Hopes of Animal Farm Essay Example For Students

Immortal Hopes of Animal Farm Essay Communism is supposed to be a system under which all property would be held in common. The dignity of the poor workers oppressed by capitalism would be restored, and all people would live as equals in communism. This book, Animal Farm by George Orwell is an amusing story of allegory of the early history of the Soviet Union. Orwell wanted to make political writing into an art and to harmonize political concerns with artistry. As he became inspired by the Russian Revolution he wanted to show how some governments would do almost anything it took to succeed the rest. The book itself has acquainted many by providing a basis to describe the problems of communism as it was once tried in Russia during the 20th century. We have a deeply marked example in the history of Soviet Communism, where many were slaughter to only satisfy one person, Stalin. I believe George Orwell created Animal Farm with the goal of showing people that there is not a pure form of communism and to realize the mass amount of time, effort, energy, and lives it took for people or animals to realize that communism animalism would not succeed. In Animal Farm Orwell verified the moral economic failure of the Russian Communist system. Mr. Jones symbolizes Czar Nicholas Romanov II, the leader before Stalin Napoleon. Jones represents the old government monarchy, the last of the Czars. Orwell implies that Mr. Jones Czar Nicholas Romanov II was losing his edge. In fact, he and his men had taken up the habit of drinking. Old Major reveals his feelings about Jones and his administration when he says, Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, and he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. He sets them to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from starving and the rest he keeps for himself. So Jones and the old government are successfully uprooted by the animals. Just like in November of 1917, when squads of Red Guards, sailors, and factory workers overthrew the government and showed them that they no longer had support. The pigeons symbolize Soviet Propaganda to countries like Germany, England, France, and even the United States. The USSR was very enthusiastic about its achievements and its advancements in technology. Yet experts or scientists from outside countries were never allowed to check on its validity; just like Napoleon was very reserved on letting people inside farm grounds. The same happens as Orwell talks about the fact that the other farmers became suspicious and worried when their animals began to sing Beasts of England and they saw they were surviving as their government was working out. When an animal was caught humming the tune of Beast of England they were whipped or beaten. The same happened in other countries. For example there was a massive nationwide Red Scare in the United States in the twenties. During the 1950s in the U. S. , Joseph McCarthy was, a legislative member of the government from Wisconsin, accused hundreds of people of supporting the Communist regime. The fear of communism became a phobia in America and anyone speaking out against the government was a suspect. The proletariat, or unskilled labor class in Russian society are represented by Boxer and Clover. This lower class is naturally drawn to Stalin Napoleon because it seems as though they will benefit most from his new system. Since Boxer and the other low intelligence animals cant seem to remember the time before the Revolution, as a result they really cant compare Napoleons government to the life they had before under the czars Jones. Also, since usually the lowest class has the lowest intelligence, it is not difficult to persuade them into thinking they are getting a good deal like Squealer did many times to cover for Napoleons lies. Book review of 'Blink' written by Malcolm Gladwell EssayS. S. R. s failure in the cold war. During 1990, the Russian Communist government collapsed due to lack of funds. Of course Orwell could not have known this, because he was already dead but he did foreshadow a future rebellion on Animal Farm and in Russia. The ultimate conversion of the windmill to commercial use is one more sign of the pigs betrayal of their fellow animals. From an figurative point of view, the windmill represents the enormous modernization projects undertaken in Soviet Russia after the Russian Revolution. At first Napoleon seems to be a good leader and deeply dedicated to Animalism and to the prosperity of the farm ,he is eventually overcome by greed and soon becomes power-hungry. Of course Stalin did too in Russia, leaving the original equality of socialism behind, giving himself all the power and living in luxury while the common peasant suffered. While his national and international status flourished, the welfare of Russians remained unchanged. Orwell explains, Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richerexcept, of course for the pigs and the dogs. The Napoleons true side of becomes pretty obvious after he slaughters so many animals for plotting against him or having dreams about Snowball. He even hires a pig to sample his food for him to make certain that no one is trying to poison him. Stalin, too, was a cruel dictator in Russia. After suspecting from many people in the country of being supporters of Trotsky Snowball, as Stalin thoroughly murders many. By the end of the book, Napoleon doesnt bother to pretend to lead a socialist government. After renaming it Manor Farm and instituting his own version of the seven commandments and the Beasts of England, Napoleon becomes more of a dictator. I deeply and truly believe communism will never carry out the way it is planned to. There are too many factors to support this. But what Ive come to an understanding is that Communism does not give equality. If anything it only takes away the little freedom some may have. Thus it also demolishes all hopes and dreams for it sets a constant never ending future. There will always be an abuse of power towards the naÃÆ'Â ¯ve proletariats who are constantly seeking to better themselves. No matter the quantity of efforts towards equality one may give, there will not be equality; for we as humans become obsessed with power once we are entrusted and only to become even more power-hungry. I can say I truly learned from this book that communism will never be an efficient part of any government. For freedom is taken away without a warning as people become one with faded dreams of the better tomorrow. I believe George Orwell carried out his goal of teaching people that communism would not be efficient and if anything the most loyal like Boxer would die in immortal hopes of life ever progressing.

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The Inspection Of Marriott Hotel Property In Anaheim Tourism Essay Essay Example

The Inspection Of Marriott Hotel Property In Anaheim Tourism Essay Essay We are group two who did the review of Marriott Hotel belongings in Anaheim, California. The group consists of three members instead than five because of the deficient sum of pupils. Our group member names are Jake Kim, Jason Nam, and Parda Anthony Phung. This Marriott Hotel was a Convention Hotel that provided largely for concern groups, convention events, and leisure travellers they still provided hospitable service. The individual we made an assignment with was the director of the Human Resources Department, Karen Kretschmer. The day of the month she provided us to run into at was March 4th, Friday 2011 at 10:30 A.M. In our meeting, Karen gave us a elaborate circuit of how the hotel was organized and how it functions, get downing from the check-in desk to the belowground behind-the-scene sections of technology, accounting, and wash, etc. Besides, she was nice plenty to take us up to the 19th floor to demo us the hip ( as Karen would state ) and neatly fashioned suite that happ ened to be fortunately available that twenty-four hours. Not merely did the Marriott seem like a ace topographic point to remain for the dark, but the environment, whether it be employees or other invitees provided a comfy and safe ambiance. My statement is proof that Marriott is wining in their mission which states: We will write a custom essay sample on The Inspection Of Marriott Hotel Property In Anaheim Tourism Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Inspection Of Marriott Hotel Property In Anaheim Tourism Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Inspection Of Marriott Hotel Property In Anaheim Tourism Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer To win in service by proactively offering clients the most valuable aid, information and support in a uniquely warm and lovingness mode. Introduction- Marriott International John Willard Marriott was born at Marriott Settlement, Utah, on September 17, 1900, the second of eight kids of Hyrum Willard Marriott and Ellen Morris Marriott. As a kid, J.W. Marriott helped his male parent run his household s farmstead raising sugar Beta vulgariss. By the age of 13, J.W. Marriott went into concern for himself raising boodle on a few estates on his household s farm. His first summer crop brought in $ 2000. Upon graduating Weber Junior College and the University of Utah, J.W. Marriot opened up a nine-stool root beer base with his wife-to-be, Alice Sheets in 1927. The root beer bases in which they subsequently called The Hot Shoppes was built in Northwest Washington D.C. A After his concern launched, J.W. Marriott went back to Utah to get married his lover Alice Sheet on June 9, 1927 in Salt Lake City. A The Hot Shoppes began to spread out around 1934, and in 1937, the Airline catering concern begins at Hoover Field where the Pentagon is presently built on. The division was named In-Flite Catering and served Capital, Eastern, and American Airlines ( Marriott ) . A It was nt until 1945, that the Hot Shoppe Cafeteria landed its first authorities feeding contract, and In-Flite Catering landed its first airport terminus food-service contract at Miami International Airport. A During World War II, the Hot Shoppes feeds 1000s of workers who move to the state s capital to work in the defence industry ( Marriott ) . In 1957, Marriott opens its first hotel, the 365-room Twin Bridges Motor Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Marriott Food Service lands its first institutional and school eating contracts at Children s Hospital and American University ; Marriott s Highway Division opens several Hot Shoppes on the New Jersey Turnpike ( Marriott ) . Around that clip, Marriott s stock was opened to the populace at a rate of $ 10.25 a portion, which sold out in a clip span of two hours. Around 1964 and 1965, J.W. Marriott Jr. was made the President, and the Marriott Foundation was established. A Somewhere in between 1967 and 1969, the corporate name was changed from Hot Shoppe Inc. to the Marriott Corporation ( Marriott ) . A The company so opened the Fairfield Farm Kitchens, which was a nutrient production and buying installation in Beaver Heights, Maryland. The In-Flite so opened a installation in Venezuela, and Marriott acquired Camelback Inn, which was its first resort belongings. A The Marriott Found ation besides bought Bob s Large Boy Restaurants, and the Marriott s 1st international hotel opened up in Acapulco, Mexico. In the 1970 s, J.W. Marriott Jr. was made the CEO the Marriott Foundation, and obtained its first hotel-management contracts. In 1975 and 1976, the company opened its first European hotel in Amsterdam, and besides opened up two subject Parkss, both called Great America, located in Santa Clara, California, and Gurnee, Illinois ( Marriott ) . In 1977, the company celebrated in 50th day of remembrance, and the new corporate central office was built in Bethesda, Maryland in 1979. By the 1980s, the company began to boom significantly. The Marriott Foundation opened its hundredth hotel in Hawaii, and besides opened its 1st Courtyard hotel. The company acquired Host International Inc. in 1982, and entered the holiday time-share and senior-living markets in 1984. 1985 was a sad twelvemonth for the company because it was the twelvemonth that J. Willard Marriott Sr. passed off. In the same twelvemonth, The Marriott Distribution Center opened in Savage, Maryland. By the late 80s, The Company acquired the Residence Inn Company and entered the lower-moderate housing section with Fairfield Inn. They besides opened their five-hundredth hotel in Warsaw, Poland, which was merely eight old ages after their hundredth hotel opened. In the same twelvemonth that the five-hundredth hotel opened, the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities was established. By the 1900s, the Marriott Foundation began to spread out significantly. During the early 90s, the Marriott s Welfare to Work Program was established, but in 1993, the company spitted up into the Marriot International and the Host Marriott Corporation. In 1995, the Marriott acquired the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and in 1997, the Marriott acquired the Renaissance Hotel group, and introduces TownePlace Suites, Fairfield Suites, and Marriott Executive Residences trade names. 1998 was a large twelvemonth for the Marriott because it opened its 1,500th hotel, and its gross revenues reached $ 8 billion. Besides in 1998, The Sodexho Alliance acquired the Marriott s nutrient service and facilities-management concerns, and the Marriott acquired 98 % of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. By the terminal of the 90s, the Marriott acquired the ExecuStay Corporation lodging company. In the twelvemonth 2000, the 2,000th Marriott belongings opened in Tampa, Florida. In 2002, the Marriott celebrated its seventy-fifth day of remembrance, and by this clip they owned over 2,300 hotels, 156 Living Services Communities, 200,000 associates, and operations in 63 states and districts with one-year gross revenues of $ 20 billion ( Marriott ) . In the same twelvemonth, the Marriott announced the sale by-product of its Senior Living Services Communities and Marriott Distribution Services. The Marriott opened its five-hundredth extended-stay hotel, stand foring a sum of 400 Residence Inns and 100 TownePlace Suites and the Fairfield Inn besides opened its five-hundredth hotel in Arkansas. Besides in the twelvemonth 2002, the Marriott opened its 2,550th hotel worldwide, and completed the 950-room Desert Ridge Resort A ; Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. By this clip the Marriott had increased its North American market by 8 % . In 2003, the Marriott grosss totaled $ 9 billion in 2003 and $ 476 million in gross net incomes. Marriott added more than 31,000 suites and timeshare units in 2003, conveying the planetary system to 2,718 hotels and timeshare units of 490,564 suites ( Marriott ) . In the same twelvemonth, the Marriott completed the sale of its Senior Living Service Communities and Marriott Distribution Services. The Courtyard opens its five-hundredth hotel in Minneapolis Downtown, and the SpringHill Suites opens its hundredth hotel in Dallas-Addison, Texas ( Marriott ) . In 2004, the Ramada International opens two-hundredth hotel in Amsterdam, Marriott grosss totaled $ 10 billion in 2004 and $ 594 million in net income, added more than 24,000 suites and timeshare units in 2004, conveying the planetary system to 2,632 hotels and timeshare units. In the same twelvemonth, the Marriott ExecuStay hits the 30-market franchise grade, and broadens reach through new understandings in Southern California, St. Louis, and Wisconsin ( Marriott ) . Ramada International besides opened it two-hundredth hotel in Amsterdam, and the 500,000th room opened in London, located at the West India Quay Marriott Hotel in the Canary Wharf territory of London. The Marriott besides rewarded and besides welcomed their 20,000,000th member and the Marriott Vacation Club International celebrated their twentieth day of remembrance. In 2005, Marriott announces the sale of Ramada International hotels, and Marriott and Whitbread completed the dealing, organizing a 50/50 joint venture to get Whitbread s portfolio of 46 franchised Marriott and Renaissance hotels of over 8,000 suites ( Marriott ) . Marriott so took over direction of the hotels, and the joint venture sold them to new proprietors subject to long-run Marriott direction understandings. January 2006 began with the Residence Inn opening its five-hundredth hotel, and the first Residence Inn in New York City. Courtyard opened its 700th hotel, the Courtyard Washington Capitol Hill/Navy Yard, in Washington, D.C. , and unveiled the paradigm of the new Courtyard in Europe with the gap of the Paris Courtyard by Marriott Colombes ( Marriot ) . Marriott.com celebrated 10 old ages of running the online web site by establishing new one-stop services for invitees. The Marriott designated April as the first one-year Environmental Awareness Month to advance activities to continue natural milieus and cut down resource ingestion. In September, all belongingss in the U.S. and Canada became smoke-free ( Marriott ) . In 2007, Marriott celebrated two of import mileposts in Marriott s history: the eightieth day of remembrance of the initiation and the fiftieth day of remembrance of the entry into the hotel concern. On January 8, Marriott.com set a record by bring forthing more than 55,000 reserves in one twenty-four hours, posting a record 55,109 reserves and bring forthing over $ 17 million in gross gross ( Marriott ) . Get downing in February, there were eating houses at more than 2,300 Marriott hotels throughout the U.S. The Marriott was honored with the 2007 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The company was good on its manner to run into at that place end to cut down nursery gases by 6 % per invitee room by 2010. There are many different types of Marriott subdivision categories such as the Luxury subdivisions, the life style and dress shop subdivisions, the signature subdivisions, and the choice service and extended stay subdivisions. In each of these categories there are different types of cabals such as the luxury subdivisions that consist of the Ritz Carlton which has a sub-branch called the Bulagari Hotels A ; Resorts, and the J.W. Marriott Hotels A ; Resorts. The Lifestyle and Boutique subdivision has the Renaissance Hotels A ; Resorts. The Signature subdivision has the Marriott Hotels A ; Resorts, and the Select Service A ; the Extended Stay has the Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn A ; Suites by Marriott, SpringHill Suites by Marriott, the Resident hostel, and the Towneplace by Marriott. The figure of units and the figure of suites that the Ritz Carlton provides is 77 units and 22,502 suites whose mark markets are a leisure invitee and upscale invitee who like to go in luxury hotels. The figure of units and the figure of suites that the J.W. Marriott Hotels A ; Resorts provides is 46 units and 20,713 suites. Their mark markets are guest who is going for leisure, conventions, and concern. The Marriott Hotels A ; Resorts provides 505 units and 181,500 suites. Their mark markets are a invitee who is going for household leisure and invitees who are going for conventions. The figure of units and the figure of suites that the Renaissance Hotels A ; Resorts provides is 143 units and 50,437 suites. The mark markets of the Renaissance Hotels A ; Resorts are the invitee who is going for concern, leisure, and conventions. The Courtyard by Marriott has 883 units and 129,634 suites, and their mark markets are travellers who are at that place for concern or leisure. The Fairfield Inn A ; Suites by Marriott serve the invitee who is going for leisure, but fancy upper-moderate grade units. The figure of units and the figure of suites that they provide is 657 units a nd 59,663 suites. SpringHill Suites by Marriott leisure houses travellers who are going for leisure and invitee that prefer Extended Stay. There figure of units and suites is 272 units and 31,896 suites. The Resident Inn services invitees who are on long concern trips. The figure of units and suites that they provide is 610 units and 73,849 suites. Last is the TownePlace by Marriott. The figure of units and figure of suites that they provide is 192 units and 19,320 suites. Introduction- Anaheim Marriott Anaheim Marriott s hotel located in Anaheim at 700 West Convention Center Way Anaheim, CA 92802, one block South of Disneyland Resort, and following to the Anaheim Convention Center. The hotel has been a landmark in Anaheim since 1981, and renovated all kiping room in 2000, and front entryway, anteroom, and saloon Reconstruction was completed in 2001. The type of ownership of the hotel is a corporate manages and the entire figure of employees is about 650. The hotel mission statement is to supply echt attention, demoing empathy and compassion and ever transcending the outlooks of our invitees. Last twelvemonth, the hotel mean tenancy rate was 60 per centum, mean day-to-day rate was $ 159, and gross per available room was $ 71.92. Anaheim Marriott is a 3-star full service hotel that attracts invitees runing from convention invitees for an event in the Anaheim convention centre, little concern invitees for usage of their meeting suites or dance halls, and leisure invitees for the visit Disneyland resort. The hotel entire meeting suites infinite is 82,000 sq ft. which includes 44 meeting suites, and 6 dance halls. The meeting suites offer audiovisual equipment, event catering, and high velocity wireless cyberspace. And the hotel consists of 990 regular invitee suites and 40 suites located in three edifices. Room amenities include air-conditioned, marble bathroom, shower/tub combination, hair drier, dismay clock, 24 hr room service, java shaper, LCD telecasting computing machine work Stationss, and etc. The hotel offers Hertz rental auto, FedEx Kinko s concern centre, fittingness centre, an out-of-door splash pool and watering place bath, and etc. The chiefly mark markets for the hotel are the convention invitee, and secondary mark markets are leisure travel. The information about mark markets was based on an interview with Human resources director Karen Kretschmer. The hotel offers two a La menu eating houses, one fast-food concatenation, which is Pizza Hut, one saloon, and Starbucks with a market place. The two hotel eating houses are JW s Steakhouse and Cafe Del Sol. The JW s Steakhouse open merely dinner and offers premier meats and world-class vinos. Another eating house is called Cafe Del Sol. It offers fresh California culinary art and other household friendly dishes, and open for breakfast, tiffin, and dinner. The hotel Starbucks offers all the Starbuck s java, tea, and a assortment of pastries, with a separate counter offering fresh salads, sandwiches, and sweets. It opens for breakfast, tiffin, and light dinner. The hotel saloon is called Degrees ; it offers indoor and out-of-door tabular array seating, big screen Te levision, and poolside service. The hotel check-in starts at 4:00pm and check-out clip is noon. The ego parking fee is $ 24 per twenty-four hours, gentleman parking fee is $ 28 per twenty-four hours, and RV parking fee is $ 30 per topographic point per twenty-four hours. For a day-to-day rate of $ 12.95, the undermentioned characteristics are available in the guestroom: high-velocity cyberspace entree, limitless local phone calls, and limitless long distance calls within the state, non available in all markets. Organizational Structure Anaheim Marriott s executive commission consists of many different sections with their ain particular directors. To get down off, the General Manager is Bill Gunderson. The General Manager is fundamentally the superintendent of every section including the sections of Engineering, Finance/Accounting, Gross saless A ; Marketing, Food A ; Beverage, Market Strategy ( shared service ) , Human Resources, and the Resident director. He is responsible for all of the facets of the operations such as from giving the concluding mandate to engage an employee to implementing policies and processs and guaranting that they are carefully followed. The general director is the anchor to a successful company. The Director for the Engineering Department is Tracy Tomasek with its Chief Engineer, Juan Lopez. The manager controls the internal and external factors of technology activities such as undertakings or technologic thoughts that would supply to the demands of clients. When undertakings are finished, the manager overlooks it to guarantee criterions are met. The Chief Engineer s occupations ranges from keeping the outside of the edifice ( including parking batch and common countries ) , carry oning monthly safety reviews, driving the bird coach when needed, and looking over his work country ( employees ) and studies everything that happens to the manager. In the Anaheim Marriott organisation, there are merely two executive employees in the technology section and other hourly employees. The section of finance consists of Bob Attianese who is the Sr. Director of Finance. The section of finance s end is to help proactively with cost containment, gross sweetening, net income betterment chances and safeguarding of the company s assets. This section oversees the accounting section ; responsible for organizing and pull offing all maps refering to general leger, gross, paysheet, and histories collectible and receivable. Then, the manager reports all seasonably and meaningful intelligence to the General Manager. Under Bob Attianese ( the Senior Director of Finance ) is the Director of Finance Rebecca Salyard and under her is Brian Johnson who is the Senior Assistant Controller. They assist and report fiscal intelligence and informations to the Senior Director who finalizes everything. The Rooms Operations organisation consists of the Resident Manager, Chad Sitkowski. Under him are the two managers: Marcus Borman ( Director of Rooms Operations ) and Arthur Dennis ( Director of Loss Prevention ) . The Director of Rooms Operations is responsible for guaranting the smooth operation of invitee services. There are two executive directors under the Director of Rooms Operations. One is the Front Office Manager. This director is responsible for oversing all responsibilities of the forepart desk. Another director is the Assistant Director of Services. And the Director of Loss bar is responsible for describing and deciding affairs in the country of safety. The Housekeeping Manager is besides under the suites operations organisation. The director is Judith Torres, and he is responsible for telling and stock list cleansing supplies, engaging and developing new employees, and puting employee agendas. The gross revenues and selling section includes the Director of Marketing, the Market Catering Executive, the Director of Gross saless, the Senior Gross saless Executives, and the Senior Catering Executive. The Director of Marketing is a caput of this section, who is Rhanda Richardson. She works with sellers that provide selling, and publishing stuffs to advance and market the hotel. Under her is the Director of Gross saless and under her is three Senior Executives. They are helping the Director of Gross saless, word to construct relationships with possible invitees, and most likely to assist a hotel stay profitable. Last, the Market Catering Executive is Patty Stuckmeyer. She is pull offing providing gross revenues and service for events at the hotel. The section of the Food A ; Beverage consists of John Josberger who is the Director of F A ; B. He is responsible all nutrient and drinks mercantile establishments, storage, and proviso countries. Under him are the Executive Chef and the Director of Restaurants. First, the Executive chef is David Dulkis. He is responsible for guaranting that quality of nutrients is served on agenda and to see that any jobs that arise are rectified. Second, the Director of Restaurants is Mark Sladky. He is supervising all nutrient service activities of the eating houses operation. Under David Dulkis ( Executive Chef ) are the Senior Sous Chef and the Senior Banquet Chef. And under Mark Sladky ( Director of Restuarants ) are the Starbuck s director, the Beverage director, and Room Service director. Probably the biggest group in the organisational construction of Marriott Hotel is the Event Organization. The organisation consists of the Resident Manager, Chad Sitkowski. Under the Resident Manager are the four important-role managers: Tammi Chaabani ( Director of Event Operations ) , Tony Rivers ( Director of Event Technology ) , Peter Gunther ( Director of Event Catering ) , and Nick Valdez ( Director of Event Planning ) . Each manager is in charge of commanding their squad. First, the Director of Event Operations puts together a squad for an juncture. The squad can dwell of cooks to Usshers and interior designers. The leader is in charge of the budget and must hold accomplishments in negociating for pricing with other locales. Occasionally, this crew is responsible for marketing the event. Second, the Director of Event Technology takes attention of the audio/visual/lighting for an event. There are merely the manager and the director in this class with several employees under di rection. Third, the Director of Event Catering intent is to offer catering services and gross revenues for an event in the cordial reception industry. They besides frequently see an event from its planning phases into completion, assisting to be after the nutrient service, planing and functioning the bill of fare, and cleaning up after the event. Events like a nuptials, birthday, or party are occupations normally for this group. This group consists of the Director of Event Catering, Senior Event Catering Manager, and the Event Catering Manager. As others groups, the Senior and Manager have their responsibility to describe to the Director about any intelligence. Since an event happens merely with proper and timely planning, the biggest sub-group is the Event Planning group. They answer the of import inquiries of who, what, when, where, and why and organize a contract with the consumer. This group branches in four other executive staffs: Senior Event Planning Manager, Senior Event Pla nning Manger, Senior Event Planning Manager, and the Event Manager. These functions exist so that the event planning will continue swimmingly and successfully. The Human Resources Department consists of merely two executive employees, Tony Hewes ( Director of Human Resources ) and Karen Kretschmer ( Human Resources Manager ) . Some major duties include enrolling and staffing, policy development and certification, employee safety, public assistance, and wellness/health. Karen Kretschmer was the lady who we had an assignment with for our inspection/tour so I believe it is safe to state that the Human Resources Department besides deals with clients who would wish to hold entree to the construction of an organisation ( in our instance, we sought out the cognition of Marriott Hotel ) . The Revenue Management Organization is a shared service that is responsible for the rates of the hotel s rates for every dark, looking for ways to maximise their day-to-day gross. In the Marriott Hotel organisation, executive rubrics consist of Brenda Ciampa ( Director of Market Strategy ) , ramifying into Maritza Luoni [ Director of Revenue Analysis = gt ; subdivisions into Josh Coy ( Function Space Inventory director ) ] A ; Evan Bailey ( Director of Group Strategy ) . The selling group is in charge of marketing research, selling merchandise, and/or service to clients in a professional manner. The Director of Revenue Analysis analyzes informations about revenue/RevPAR. The bifurcate Function Space Inventory Manager ensures stock list is allocated and restricted decently to maximise gross and net incomes. The Inventory Manager builds all rates, bundles and hotel gross revenues scheme information in the hotel ( s ) stock list systems. Last, the Director of Group Strategy oversees the enforced or strategic enterprises and supervises possible progressing schemes offered by the bifurcate staff members. Observations A ; Analysiss There were many things that our group observed during our site visit. One thing that we did non anticipate was the half indoor half out-of-door pool. We took some images of the pool country because it was really nice. Another thing that we noticed was the big convention wing of the hotel that had a sum of 6 Ballrooms. The hotel had a sum of three different subdivisions of the hotel. The first was the Garden Wing, which surrounded the pool. The second was the Oasis Tower, which was late built 20 old ages ago. The last was the Palms tower, which was the chief tower. The dance halls were split into two classs, the California meeting suites ( smaller suites ) and the Main meeting suites. The dance halls late expanded in 2008. Since we did non anticipate the hotel to be located in the Disneyland country, we were surprised to see a adult male selling Disneyland tickets in a booth following to the Concierge desk. Another great thing that we noticed was that the hotel was really dimmed in so me parts of the hotel. Karen explained to us that the hotel did this to salvage money during the season of the twelvemonth in which they have small concern which we thought was a wise determination. The last thing that shocked our group was the size of the nutrient storage in which Karen referred to as the food market shop of the hotel. There were many things that we observed in each section. The Front Office had Senior directors and Assistant directors, and besides provided the Valet Service, the Concierge s desk, and the Front Desk. What we noticed about the Concierge s Desk was that it was little. What we noticed in the Food and Beverage section was the multiple kitchens. There were 3 kitchens, one large kitchen which was the chief kitchen, a smaller kitchen called the Banquet kitchen, and a preparation kitchen which was besides used for excess infinite. Karen told us that the Banquet kitchen was non used frequently, merely when there were big parties in the meeting suites. Und erground was the staff member s cafeteria, which was non truly a large room, but the nutrient smelled antic. There was a saloon that could be seen in the chief anteroom, which served guest tiffin. There were besides two eating houses, the Cafe De Sol, and the J.W. Steakhouse. We did non acquire a opportunity to walk into the J.W. Steakhouse, but we did acquire to walk in to the Cafe De Sol which was a really nice eating house. There was a Pizza hut, and a Starbucks. Karen told us that the Starbucks was besides known as the Market Topographic point because it provided sandwiches and other nutrient like french friess and drinks like sodium carbonate and H2O. Karen informed us that the bakeshop produced 90 % of staff of life and pastries made from the hotel. She informed us that the F A ; B section neer washed their dishes by manus, but alternatively had a whole room designated for all the dish lavation machines. The Marriott besides provided Room Service. Another thing we noticed o n the chief floor was the Fitness Center, which had all new equipment.The chief floor besides had a gift store, and surprisingly had a FedEx Kinko s Office. One cool thing about the Meeting suites was the Air-walls which made each room capable of widening its size. The Human Resources Department, which was the first section where we met up with Karen, was really little, and merely had two people working that twenty-four hours. There were besides two more desks, but Karen explained that they were non working that twenty-four hours because concern was slow. We did non acquire a opportunity to walk in the Gross saless A ; Marketing Department because the Gross saless employees were busy working difficult, but we did acquire to see the country they were in, which was located in the belowground degree. The accounting and Engineering A ; Maintenance Departments were besides belowground. Now the largest section was the Housekeeping Department. There was a laundry room, but Karen informed us that instead than making the laundry in-house, the hotel sent out the wash to a laundry company called Radiant. We were non lucky plenty to run into the General Manager, but we were able to run into the Head Managers of the Human Resources Department, who was Karen, and the caput of the Food and Beverage Department, and the Housekeeping Department. We were really impressed with the Anaheim Marriott s cordial reception in comparing with the J.W. Marriott at L.A. live because they non merely transferred me to different sections that led us nowhere, but they besides failed to reacting to multiple phone calls and electronic mails that we left them. We were non disappointed with any facets of the hotel, but we would urge that the hole the asphalt around the pool country because there were some clefts, and some parts of the floor were different colourss. We were besides disappointed about the parking construction monetary value which was $ 24 dollars, we found that really hideous, and chose to park in a residential country a twosome of blocks off. The failing that the Marriott had was that it was across a Hilton Hotel which looked much nicer and more suites available. The Strength that the Marriott had was that it was located right following to the Anaheim Convention Center. Karen informed us that concern was slow because of the recession, the Hilton and the Marriott would work together to increase their gross. This worked out because they would rede a invitee to travel to the opposing hotel when they wanted a good eating house to eat in when invitees did non desire to eat at the same eating houses twice. It was non a immense addition in concern, but it still benefited both hotels none the lupus erythematosus. Recommendations and Decision

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Campaign Finance essays

Campaign Finance essays For most of the twentieth century campaign finance has been dominated by political parties. This was mainly due to their control over the campaigns themselves. The parties managed every aspect of the campaign, much of it without the need for cash. Instead, the campaigning relied on services volunteered or bartered for some party-controlled favor. However, when the party needed cash it was raised, and more often than not, the cash came from the candidates. The candidates contributions were often expected when necessary, as a condition of receiving the party's nomination. However, the candidate could not be relied on for large sums of money. In this case the parties depended on the storied fat cats, or men of wealth. Insurance executive Clement Stone and his wife Jessie are the record-holding fat cats, giving $2.8 million to Richard Nixons first presidential victory. While some local campaigns did not use any fat cats, none were able to compete with major party campaigns. In 1928, 69.7% of the receipts of the Democratic National Committee, and 68.4% of the receipts of the Republican National Committee came from contributions of $1,000 or greater. The political dominance by the parties, and their big contributors, extended well into the 1950s and 1960s. But, a huge change in campaign finance was quickly become more and more evident. Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s, the number of families with television sets rapidly increased to about 92% in 1964. Media involvement took a whole new importance in campaigning. Estimated spending in all American campaigns increased from $200 million in 1964 to $425 million in 1972. Throughout the rising importance of electronic campaigning, the big contributors, or fat cats, remained essential. In the late 1960s and into the 1970s, another change was taking place. The political parties were losing their significant role. The party organizations began to crumble, and ...

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JetBlue Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

JetBlue - Case Study Example Trends within the US airline industry such as crude oil pricing and passenger fees, post 9/11 and pilot shortages have substantial effects on the performance and strategies of airline companies. Prices of crude oil have increased considerably in last few years, which has had a substantial effect on the pricing of passenger fees. For instance, in 2008, crude oil prices rose to a record $140 per barrel and this price swell caused airlines to labor to offset fuel costs. Many companies were forced to implement new passenger fees to cater for the surge in fuel prices. However, while fuel prices are currently low, airlines continue to increase revenue by passing costs to its customers. Shortages of pilots have also forced companies to adjust their strategies. As baby boomers retire, the airline industry suffers a shortage of pilots. Prior to becoming captains, pilots have to gain sufficient flight hours. The International Air Transport Association asserts that airlines need nearly 3,000 ad ditional pilots each year, which is far more than training schools provide (Thompson et al., 2010). Post 9/11 aviation security also influences airlines’ strategies. After the 9/11 terror attack, Congress implemented the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATS). This led to the creation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and established that federal employees should be in charge of airport security at all airlines (Kaplan, 2006). This forced airlines to institute numerous layers of security. JetBlue’s strategic intent   David Nelleman founded JetBlue with the view to bring humanity to air travel. The aim was to offer lowly discounted comfort and service to customers. The company’s philosophy was to delay flights instead of cancelling them entirely. The firm was the first airline to publish a bill of rights for its passengers. This document outlines its policies with regard to the airline’s customers. It launched electronic ticketi ng to enhance convenience and offered additional services such as in-seat television, as well as PayPal payments for tickets. In order to enhance its customer and shareholder value, the airline established rapid and strategic growth initiatives. In 2000, the firm made a rather chancy decision by starting services in New York’s JFK Airport, which was already quite congested. JetBlue took advantage of the lighter 8 to 9am flight window to offer appealing flights to young and wealthy New Yorkers and those travelling to the city. In 2008, JetBlue launched Terminal 5 at JFK to offer customers more efficacy and convenience, while also saving them up to $50 million in fuel, vouchers and labor. Between 2003 and 2008, the airline launched service to numerous destinations such as Portland, Fort Lauderdale, and San Diego among others. By the end of 2007, JetBlue had expanded its operations to more than 53 destinations (Thompson et al., 2010). However, this impressive growth did not imme diately trickle down to add shareholder value.    JetBlue’s financial objectives While JetBlue showed immense promise, its stock values dropped by 50% in a span of five years ending December 2007. This is because between 2003 and 2007, the company’s operating expenditure increased by 222%. This is primarily because of jet fuel (532% rise) and interest expenditures (658% rise). Rather than handling the interest expendit