Friday, August 23, 2019

Problem based learning activity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Problem based learning activity - Essay Example In our initial meeting, we spoke about the locations of the schools. We discussed the education area of Lamar, the administration governing the schools and the number of schools in the region. From our research, we found out that Lamar city consists of five schools ;Primary School, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Lamar Career & Technical Center. We also discussed the history of the area. In this discussion, we talked about where people work in agriculture, ranches, and trading. We found out that the area is known for being the home of President Harry Truman. It is located about 292 miles west St. Louis in a beautiful agricultural land with 5.43 square miles area. The population of the area is approximately 4500 with 95% being whites while the rest are from different ethnicities; 0.7% African Americans, 0.3% Asians, 0.6% Native Americans. In our second meeting, we had an intention of creating a plan for improving weaknesses in the education system by collecting data on internal documents, exam results and curricula. This was important in helping us identify the subjects that needed improvement, making a three-year plan for professional development and offering solutions to the current problems. By studying the data for different subjects during the last three years and the effect on students’ comprehension, we could determine the current problems with the system. Moreover, the study would help us find a solution to solve the current problems. Comparing information from different areas was very beneficial in terms of identifying problems and making suggestions. In the third meeting, we discussed the results of our data research on the previous two meetings. We realized that half of the students in grades 3 to 8 had bad results in English. In mathematics, we identified that at least half of the students had good results. However, less than half of the students had good results

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