Sunday, September 1, 2019

A very important life-lesson Essay

My friend David owned a motorcycle. It is not a big one, but it could reach a really dangerous speed. Just to remind those who like speeding, it is hazardous for you and other road users if you are speeding on the road. I learn this in a really painful lesson one night when I rode on the pillion on David’s motorcycle. We were on our way home one night after a movie in a cinema few kilometers away from my house, but the traffic on the road during our way back was badly congested. It was a benefit for us to ride on a motorcycle because we could pick our way through the cars and other motorcycles, but once we were on the main road, we cruised along freely. Maybe because the journey was too smooth while we were on the high way, I felt boring but David just don’t seem to feel in that way, so I decided to tease on him to make him speed up. He didn’t reply me in any words, but I could feel that the motorcycle starting to pick up speed. The cool breeze rushed through my face, the lamppost, the scenery and all the background passing by faster and faster makes me feel more and more excited! Just feeling curious, I placed my head over David’s shoulder and had a peep on the speedometer, and to my excite, the needle was shaking around 100km/h mark! This was the fastest experience that I ever had on a moving vehicle! I really felt excited riding on the pillion of David’s motorcycle!Suddenly, David stepped on the brakes and made a really hard left turn to get out from the highway and continue on our journey back. But during the turn, I heard a loud bang coming from the rear part of the motorcycle. David loose control of his bike and it drag both of us with it quite a distance away. The motorcycle was dragging me helplessly with my head scouring on the floor. It all happened in just a few seconds. I looked around desperately. Oh, my goodness! David was lying flat on his back and groaning softly. I managed to bring myself up and free David from the wrecked motorcycle. I had a glanced around to find out what just happened, but all I could see was a car with its right front light broken and its bumper dropped on the floor in a curved shape. David turned me around suddenly and had a good look on my left forehead, and then he said to me that I’m bleeding with a quite deep wound on my left forehead. I raised my left arm and try to wipe off the blood, and only then I found that my left arm was badly wounded and bleeding. I started felt very dizzy. All of a sudden, powerful lights blinded me. I heard voices talking anxiously and footsteps hurrying in our direction. Other road-users had arrived at the scene and they came to help us. The next half hour was daze, I vaguely remembered being carried into a van. I was too stunned to protest. I also heard that someone kept saying was all right, but before I could move my body, both of my leg suddenly paralyzed, I kneeled on my knees and blacked out. After I regain my consciousness, I’m sleeping on a bed with white pillowcase, white blanket and almost everything around me was white. It doesn’t take long for me to realize that I’m in a hospital bed. I looked around searching for David, but he is nowhere to be found. I starting to get worried but my parents came in and seem glad to see me awake. Surely the first thing came out from my mind was asking about David’s condition, and my mother replied that David’s condition was not as serious as mine, he just had some bruises and scratches around his body. I felt relieved. Eventually, we recovered from the painful accident in a month time. This incident made us aware of the speeding hazards and the terrible consequences that we have to bear for the mistake we have done. The price to pay was too much and too painful. I always thought that accidents only happen to other people, but it’s not true after this accident that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Remember that your life is very precious, and think of the people who cared for you.

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