Sunday, June 16, 2019

Computer-Based information system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Computer-Based information system - Essay ExampleThe paper result also discuss the computer-based information system of AT&T were misused by employees.The cloud-based data store is one of the recent information systems that was developed by AT&T Telecommunication Company. An article that was published by computer world indicated that the system is designed to help enterprise-based developers in the usage of (IoT) Internet of Things apps, as well as services. The system is designed to allow collection and the analysis of data more comfortable from various remote devices that are interconnected to epic businesses (Hamblen, 2015).AT&T Company has also developed Monitoring systems for organizations. Currently, organization performance has been the primary focus for most organizations. Managers have been struggling on how they tush improve the performance of their organizations by increasing performance by increasing supervision with a slight budget line. Monitoring systems have played a significant role in improving performance of various organizations (Computerworld, 1983).Computer based information system of AT&T has significantly reduced the live of operations to most organizations. For instance, the development of cloud data stores played a significant role in cutting down the greet of hiring employees for a capacious number of organizations (AT&T Tech, 2012).Initially, most computer-based information systems of AT&T were predestined to improve the performance of the organization by either cutting down the cost of resources or improving the quality of services. Conversely, most information based system has been misused by employees for their personal gain. For instance, monitor lizarding systems are designed to either monitor the performance of employees by the supervisors. A great part of monitoring systems is a computerized collection, analysis, storage as well as reporting

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