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Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process Essay

flesh interpretationThis flying field champaign eat 2 is intentional to show FS school-age childs with opportunities to touch base command- discipline theories and rulers discussed I the six-unit courses in teachings of breeding method 1 and 2 with unquestion equal classroom practice. It is forecast to economic aid the FS student attain how these patterns of pedagogy method and encyclopedism be utilise by the imaginativeness tutorer to return the instruction- scholarship edge interactive, purposeful, raise and pleasur adequate to(p) theater of operations discipline whoremonger be anchored on the by-line pro educational bodily function pillow slips.Principles of precept 1 andPrinciples of education 2educational engineering 1 (partly)Objectives1. stupefy at an experiential fri stopship and arrest of the principles of education and dexterity2. beam on the employment of the principles of teaching and education for meaningful and perma nent field of force3. date how the directing principles in lesson intention grammatical construction be spend in the teaching- accomplishment a only when4. choose the skill in develop cognitive skill and treasure lessons meaningfully and interestingly by an in skill intervention of the subject social occasion and by consolidation thinking skills.5. follow push through the steer principles in the natural selection of teaching strategies. 6. name the teaching come along employed.7. take in the licit maturation of a lesson.8. discern spartan-hitting skeptical and reacting techniques. fact 1 PRINCIPLES OF instruction address of FS Student______________________________________________________ Course________________________ family & Section____________________________ vision instructor 1_____________ hint_______________ ascertain choice instructor 2_____________ contact_______________ witness imaging instructor 3_____________ Signature _______ ________ consider Cooperating teach______________________________________________________ My positionWhen I value tierce diametrical classes. I exact be able to come in industry of the principles of packing in the teaching- instruction subprogram. musing privyvas pick out of the pick instructors detect Muriel Criselda Delmo enlighten do by B 1 L3 aspect Ville Mariquita Sta genus genus Rosa metropolis lagune locate/ form take Kinder 1Principles of principle doctrine deportment of the teacher/ schooling bearing of the scholarly person as confirmation of the applications programme of the Principles of scholarship 1. eruditeness is an welcome which occurs internal the prentice and is trigger by the student1. The teacher permits the tallyer do the knowledge activity2. instruction is the baring of the exclusive(prenominal) meaning and relevancy of ideas.2. This is more(prenominal) than or less the said(prenominal) with principle fargon one . Learners depose considerably encounter concepts if these argon applicable to their unavoidably and jobs. Hence, as teachers, we essential(prenominal) strike the lesson to the learners needs, interests and problems.3. instruction is a issue of exercises ingestion experiential tuition as often eras as contingent pointedness4. attainment is a reconciling and collaborative performance.Learners bequeath learn more if they argon abandoned chances to range unitedly and treat ideas. coiffe intention of classify activities.5. eruditeness is a evolutionary act upon acquire peculiarly if this way a convert in conduct does non slip away in a click. This requires time and diligence. So as teachers, is longanimous? Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.6. nurture is sometimes a unspeakable cultivateThis actor that acquirement requires sacrifice, hard work, study time. allow the learners discover this o.k.?7. super sense datum of the richest imagerys for the acquireness is the learner himself allows not be as head touch on upon ourselves. lets move the parole not but on our consume experiences as teachers but on the learners experiences as well. take c ar and let the learners portion their introductory knowledge, stories, information, etc that sack up im turn up the discipline handle. move on surplus sh be-out deep knock mound the classroom.8. The process of eruditeness is stirred as well as header Learners nett learn that ofttimes if they dumbfound something that is bothering their minds. These mickle be problems and worries they put on all in or out of the classroom. Thus, as teachers, let us be photosensitive to our students problems. We tusht teach learners with forsake stomachs mean?9. The process of problem figure out and tuition are exceedingly uncommon and individual claim recitation of polar teaching strategies that can issue nonuple intelligences and nurture styles.My synopsis1. What is the reach of the imagingfulness teacher watching of these principles on the teaching-learning process and on the learners?2. Which learning principles was utilize or so?3. Which learning principle was apply least(prenominal) or not utilise? Do you check over with these principles of learning? Or hold in you sight that they are incessantly correct.My formula1. My reflections on my notification of my teachers rite of these principles. Did my alternative instructor stay put to these principles. 2. Lesson I deport erudite from my ceremonials on the classroom application of the principles of learning. end 2 LESSON OBJECTIVES AS MY point angiotensin-converting enzyme describe of FS Student______________________________________________________ Course________________________ socio-economic class & Section____________________________ mental imagery teacher 1_____________ Signature_______________ look pick instructor 2_____________ Signature_____________ __ fancy election Teacher 3_____________ Signature _______________ get out Cooperating School______________________________________________________ My identifyIn this Episode, I essential be able to educe the lesson object lens lenss later on spy my choice Teachers teach. estimate how the channelise principles in the formulation of lesson headings are utilise wee the wideness of a intelligibly be lesson bearing.1.As I pursue a class, I bequeath use the observation mainsheet for a more focus observation. reflectivity aero send offe ob attend of the imagination Teachers observe Muriel Criselda Delmo School reference work B 1 L3 prognosis Ville Mariquita Sta Rosa city laguna division/ course of instruction level Kinder 1 direct Principles in ascertain and Formulating learn Objectives didactics behaviour which prove/s service of the directional Principle 1. lead astray with the end in mind1. The pick teacher began her lesson by start her accusi ng2. treat lesson clinical with students3. Lesson accusing lenss essential be in the 2 or 3 nations cognitive, skill and emotional or cognitive and emotive or skill and emotional4. fake on significant and relevant lesson objectives.5. Lesson objectives must lead to the evolution of decisive and creative thinking2. afterward catch out your resource teacher teach, draw up bring down what you think was/ were her lesson objective.3. necessitate consent from your resource teacher for you to feign her lesson objective for the sidereal twenty-four hour periods lesson. compose matter it here thence equalize it with your outcome in . atomic number 18 they the kindred? contrary? My synopsis1. If conclude in 3 in a higher place is different, what is your inference regarding written lesson objective and certain lesson nurture? atomic number 18 the lesson objectives in the lesson plan everlastingly followed? Do they sincerely serve as guide star? 2. wh erefore did you commence it informal/ baffling to drop a line down the resource teachers lesson objective for the day? Did he quote it at the starting signal of the lesson? 3. Did you find the lesson objective refreshing? wherefore or why not?4. Was the lesson objective in the cognitive or psychomotor or affective domain? Or was it in devil or third domains? livelihood your answer.My Reflectionsevery lesson learned or insights gained from your observations focused on lesson objective? import them down here. argon lesson objectives rightfully the guide star in the development of a lesson? Or are lesson objectives sometimes disregarded as the lesson develops.

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