Friday, July 26, 2019

Human Resources Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Human Resources Issues - Essay Example In fact, it is imperative that they will do so. From time to time, employees need to undertake corrective actions. These actions help them to take stock of their duties. It also helps their employers to understand that they can work under minimal conditions as well. In the contemporary world, most of the office work can be coordinated from home. Employees need time to be with their families and friends. What employers need to emphasize on is the quality of work and the delivery of services by employees. If all these factors are looked into, the employer-employee relationship will be greatly enhanced. Telecommuting is the next big thing in terms of the convenience it offers working from home.The kind of leadership shown in the case study is that of understanding. Here a leader does not stick to the status quo. He does not necessarily believe that he has supreme powers over employees. On the contrary, he understands them, knowing that they have to work together as an entity. This is th e kind of leadership that should exist in most offices all over the world. Employees must be given the space and chance to work at their own convenience. If all these factors are adhered to, obviously employees will provide their best services while employers will reap a lot from the fact that they can work from home and practice minimal supervision over them.Employers need to be patient and allow employees to take their own course of action. It helps them to feel less restricted and constantly looked upon.

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