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Interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Interview - Assignment Example 7) What types of step have you taken when you came to know about his disabilities? 8) Which kind of support helped you the most? 9) Did you noticed any problem she is facing with her brother? 10) What are your experiences with school personnel and what is your dream about her future? Children with special needs are those who have different types of disabilities. An ample range of ‘special needs’ and ‘childhood disorders’ can be found. Some of them are : Autistic Disorder, attention deficit, emotional disturbance, speech and language impairments, mental retardation, speech and language impairments, traumatic brain injury etc. The paper presents an interview with the mother of Jerry, a 10 yrs old girl, who is suffering from multiple disabilities. Her problems are speech and intellectual disability and orthopedic impairment. The paper discusses the experiences of the father of a child suffering from multiple disabilities (CCIC, 2013). Jerry’s father Mr. John Browne is a Marine Engineer, mother Mrs. Rina Browne is a school teacher. Being a Marine Engineer, he is bound to travel for long periods. When Rina was pregnant for the first time John was serving emergency sailing duty. Rina was alone in their flat. No one was there to take care of her except she herself. One day on her way to school she faced a severe accident . Doctor suspects this trauma during her pregnancy was the reason for Jerry’s speech and intellectual disability. Moreover Rina had a hereditary problem of calcium deficiency which was not taken special care of during her pregnancy which affected her child Jerry. When did the family begin to suspect that their child was not developing typically? Basically Jerry was a calm baby. Generally a baby grows in different stages. But in the case of Jerry, their parents noticed that ,â€Å" Jerry was not reacting like the child next to their house , who was of Jerry’s age†. Jerry’s friend was much adv ance in everything. She learned to walk and talk at the age of 9 months. Generally babies learn to walk and talk within the age of one and a half years, but Jerry did not learn this. She did not speak. She used to point out every thing through different expressions. Her parents noticed, â€Å" when her friend is roaming here and there, singing in broken words and playing , Jerry is eager to do so but she is unable to do the same†. What was the reaction and response when the child’s difficulties were first realized? When Jerry’s parents first time came to realize the inefficiency in Jerry they were much tensed. They consulted a doctor. After different diagnosis when the doctor told them that Jerry was suffering from multiple disabilities they were really shocked. They felt very helpless and confused. But the doctor consoled them and said that not only Jerry, there are many babies suffering from different types of disabilities. The doctor assured them that such pr oblems had different remedies or corrective measures. How did extended family and friends react? Generally an extended family makes a special effort to accept the child suffering from disabilities. In case of Jerry we can find that her extended family used to shun her at different family events. Moreover they used to question the parenting skill of Browne family. Hence her parents decided to cut ties with those unsupportive family members. Describe the Evaluation process and development of the child’

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