Friday, November 8, 2019

china essays

taiwan//china essays [I.Intro] ============================================ As children make mistakes, parents correct and guide them, but soon the children learns to adjust on their own and become independent without need of guidance. Taiwan is like a growing child, learning many things and continuing to improve. Taiwan has reached the point when the  ¡parent ¡, China, must understand that Taiwan may now function properly even as an independent nation. While Taiwan has the resources, work force, and the will to grow more independent, the Pan-Green, pro-independence coalition, and the Pan-Blue, pro-reunification with China, still debate the issue of Taiwan ¡s right to  ¡leave ¡ China and Taiwan ¡s ability to compete as an independent nation in the world. Formosa, like a growing child, has been molded by these experiences to the present-day democratic Taiwan. Taiwan does not exist as a product of just one nation, but rather it is the result of the people of Taiwan influenced by its surrounding neighbors and past  ¡owners ¡. Taiwan, form ally known as Formosa, was raised as a Dutch colony, Chinese province, and even as part of Japan for a short time. Post-WWII Taiwan has survived thus far while being an  ¡independently ¡ functioning country with its own government, separate from China, and is more than able to move onward. Before negotiations can occur between Taiwan and China, China demands that Taiwan accept that it is part of China. [II.China side, Pan-Blue] =============================== Pan-Blue members believe that Taiwan is still growing and if given a chance to go  ¡outside ¡ into the world, than Taiwan would get lost or not make it because of its lack of experience to  ¡walk ¡ forward. Distinct supporters of Pan-Blue include Peoples First Party (PFP) and Kuomintang (KMT). The KMT, who are held responsible for the massacre of 2-28 in which the party ¡s enemies were ...

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