Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Quality and Safety Two Sides of the Same Coin Coursework

Quality and Safety Two Sides of the Same Coin - Coursework Example harmonise to National Transportation Safety Board, civil airwave accidents in the United States for 2011 had slightly increased than the earlier year (i.e. 2010). Numbers of civil accidents extradite increased from 1500 in the year 2010 to 1550 in the year 2011. Simultaneously, the fatalities have increased from 473 in the year 2010 to 485 in the year 2011. In the year 2011, 28 chances were accounted for the Part 121 fashion carriers and 4 accidents were reported for the part 135 commuter1. This statistic show that the differences between the accidents stations between the two days do not vary much, even though efforts have been made that are needed to get a line higher fictitious character and large safety to the consumers. It has undoubtedly become one among the top most priorities of the aviation companies. Aviation labor is an important industry in the United Kingdom and influences the countrys boilers suit economy and lives of the people. The British Airways based in the UK is one of the best airline companies operating in the world. Its spot revolves round the customer satisfaction and its primary goal is to provide utmost satisfaction to its customers through ensuring quality and safety. The aviation industry in the United Kingdom is booming at a tremendous rate every year, thereby creating the need to maintain best quality along with the highest safety measures to its customers2. The continuously changing environment in the aviation sector has posed certain significant challenges to improve the quality in service and the safety measures provided to the customers. Risk in Aviation Industry Risk in aviation industry emanates from a number of factors. Pilots usually have to work in complex circumstances and operate unitedly with different technologies. In such circumstances, the risk is very high and threats come from variety of sources3. Icing during the winters causes weari some layer of clouds cover that may cause difficulties to the pilot while flying. Icing and freezing are putting green in European countries including the United Kingdom. The other major reason that acts as a hurdle in the aviation is the wind factor. During taking off or at the time of landing, strong wind possesses considerable risk to the aircrafts. During thunderstorm, lightening is caused which discharges electric that may destroy the aircraft and may cause fire in the give notice tank which may result into explosion in the aircraft4. In addition to this, it can disrupt the communion system and the navigation tool present in the aircraft. When there is a large storm, it may keep an eye on with the hail stone that may damage the skin of the aircraft. It is not only the natural factors that cause alter and create threats while flying in aircrafts but the most imperative factor that is responsible for the aircraft mishap is the technical errors. Today, alike other sector, the aviation sector is also highly dependent on technology. disrespect technological advancements, there have been a number of cases of technological sorrows such as engine failure and communication error during the course of a flight. Engine failure is probably the most dangerous spatial relation that may lead to fatal accidents. Engine failure may be caused by the contamination of discharge or the pump failure. Another reason for the engine failure is the spark plugs that may not scarper properly during the flying stage5. Technological factors can be avoided, if proper inspection is conducted before the

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