Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Globalization Crisis Explanation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Globalization Crisis Explanation - Essay ExampleIn addition, the technological developments innovational this globalisation thing and made the process even faster and more acceptable on the greater percentage. Although there are still gaps to bridge, it could be said in a general sense that the beingness has become one again. Even the food that we eat, in a way, brought to renderher people from different countries to sound in order to bring food on our tables. Kelsey Timmerman in her article, Its From Where?, looks a lot deeper into this globalization phenomenon and presents arguments which are quite obvious but are generally disregarded perhaps because of the result of globalization also. It is interesting though, for her to bring out the issue on globalization and draw her readers to the underlying problems which should become the strike of every citizen, in every country and if it may be mentioned, especially those who are from highly demonstrable countries. The author p oints out that highly developed countries like the United States should become aware and be have-to doe with about the workers from which the finished products that reach their houses, come from. This is because most of the workers are painfully paid too brusque in exchange for their quite difficult jobs. This paper then wants to dissect the arguments of Zimmerman, her approach, including her writing style and purpose. Timmerman does non only inform her readers. She also questions them. This technique is quite effective for her purpose to hold the attention of her readers and get them to take action. She informs her audience to convince them that she did not only read about some distant places and false people in a well-crafted narrative. She does this by showing that she dealt with the people in her article and that they are as human as her readers. She also uses questions in order to appeal to the emotions and conscience of her readers. For instance, Timmerman points out that instant java comes in packs, ready for consumption wherein what the end buyer needs to do is simply mix calefactory water with it.

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