Thursday, May 9, 2019

The improvement of diabetes care concept Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The improvement of diabetes care concept - Essay ExampleIt is adjudge that evidence based practice is rational and logical and research keeps moving forward amassing much and more cognition, opening many possibilities. Such evidence corroborated research should be implemented in the management so that updated knowledge could improve interventions and quality. The care provided must be continuously evaluated and improved based on new-made and refined knowledge (Burns and Grove, 2003). Evidence based practice also ensures treatment interventions on the basis of tested research by integrating clinical expertise, enduring information and evidence guidance. The nursing profession is accountable to society for providing high quality, cost-effective care for patients (Burns and Grove, 2003).This study will give dickens Executive summaries of two articles and an in-depth analysis of another similar research based article. With more research coming out in the field, medical practitione rs feel that research evidence based practice is more important for a extensive term disease like diabetes. Research connected practice is of great significance for my practice and I have chosen this module because of its pertinence to my career. There will be connected literature surveil closely linked with regional and cultural backgrounds, psychological mindsets and disease management. Di Censo et al (1998) explains evidence-based practice (EBP) as The assist by which nurses make clinical decisions utilise the best available research with their clinical expertise and patient preferences in the context of available resources. Research based practice relies on systematic research studies composition evidence considers nurses clinical experience, practice trends and patient preferences (Newell and Burnard, 2006). EXECUTIVE SUMMERY OF AN INPATIENT DIABETIC CARE course This study depends on the development and testing of a care pathway for diabetes management examining the impac t of distance of stay, re-admission, CP driven care advantage and improvement parameters. CP was developed in consultation with ward staff mainly to improve nurse knowledge but for the use of both medical and nursing staff. Requirement of constant support for staff was examined by measuring staff knowledge before and after trial using questionnaire. Patients were randomised for normal and CP care. According to discharge patient notes assessment CP maintained better care tour standard of documentation was similar. Baseline demographics like age, diabetes duration, sex, type of diabetes etc. including intervention period, and follow-up of patients being randomised to either normal care or a care pathway (CP), with a knowledge questionnaire, regarding analyser comparisons between staff located and CP groups were all attended to. Frequency of blood glucose monitoring was monitored and was found to be more appropriate to CP group as CP was significantly better quality of care with st andard documentation, of both CP and non-pathway groups. Result showed improvement in hospital stay and HbA1c control, but not significantly. CP group had higher knowledge in staff and patient both, with reduction in length of hospitalisation and better quality of

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